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If you are not currently covered under an insurance policy through an employer, ask your Vista Agency advisor on the different market options which are willing to cover your needs, both individual and family.

Medical insurance for individuals

At Vista Agency, we can offer you different individual medical insurance options which cover health complications that may arise at any time, with prevention, protection and guarantee benefits to assure your peace of mind.

Your advice includes information on:

  • The different options with greater medical, surgical and hospital coverage
  • The best copay options.
  • Preventive services and immunization
  • Dental and vision plans, among other supplement benefits
  • Telemedicine: Good Health with just one call

Individual Life Insurance and disability Insurance

To choose a life insurance is to obtain a policy that covers your living expenses should you lose a source of income due to disability or death.
Keep up your current life style in the future and ensure you will be able to solve any future debts and expenses such as college tuition and taxes.

1-Did you know life insurance can have living benefits?

Here you can find some benefits you need to know:

  • There are temporary and permanent policies.
  • The cost of the premium is fixed and annual regardless of age.
  • Not all require a medical examination. The policies are easy to contract.
  • You can establish annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments.
  • Most insurers have automatic and direct premium collection processes from your account or card.

Do you need to know more?

We will be happy, answering your questions Talk to an Expert, compare plans and save time and money.

This information overview of the plan benefits is not intended to be a complete explanation of plan features. For more detailed information and state exceptions, please contact us.

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