About Us


We are Vista Agency LLC, independent agents, and experts in Health and Life insurance for individuals and business, committed to the community of the State of Texas.
Our Mission: educate and advise our clients to make the best decisions to protect their family’s health and assets to ensure financial independence.
Our Vision: to be the number one option for the most valuable investment, which is to protect your family and your assets.

Why choose us?

Transparency, the options you will be offered will comply with your needs and will be within your possibilities, you will know of all fees associated with any policy up front.
Experience, we have more than 15 years in the industry, studying and comparing the best offer in the market.
We are state certified, and our partners offer a wide range of benefits coverage, and extensive network of doctors and specialists. We provide guidance throughout the life of your policy with items like billing or claim issue to ensure you maximize the use of your policy.


Maria Barbara


Barbara, a native Texan, began her career guiding individuals and families in the Financial Industry over 15 years ago; as a Financial Advisor and Vice-President –Sales Manager with TD Waterhouse (now TD Ameritrade) and JP Morgan Chase. She brings that wealth of knowledge and commitment to helping others provide and secure their family’s future.

As an insurance broker who focuses in scope of health insurance, she is a true business partner to any employer or individual entrepreneur. She focuses in small companies, individual, international, and Medicare health insurance. As an independent insurance broker, she can tailor her recommendation to each customer, she is appointed with all major medical insurance companies in Texas